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Nvidia cuts the Shield price to US $299

by on20 June 2013

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Preparing for the 27th of June launch

Nvidia has announced what it calls a "final touch" for its handheld, Android based and Tegra 4 powered Shield console. The new price gets the Shield at US $299 and the official shippind date is 27th of June.

According to Nvidia, all the touchups done to the console recently were a result of a direct feedback from gamers so Shield's buttons have just the right amount of give, thumb sticks are just right and triggers have the perfect throw lenght. Nvidia also noted that a lot of gamers noted that exactly the US $299 price tag was just right and decided to lower it accordingly.

Those that already pre-ordered the Shield should not worry as they will be charged the new lower price as soon as the product ships.

The new US $299 price tag still sounds a bit steep but, on the other hand, it at least a bit more reasonable than the original US $349 one. This still leaves the Shield some $50 more expensive than Playstaion Vita but the games for Shield are much less expensive. Major stores including Newegg, Game stop and microcentar will have Shield in stock on the launch date June 27th.  

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