Apple's hardware is far too old
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But in good news, it is still expensive

Quentin Carnicelli, the chief technology officer at Rogue Amoeba, a  firm that produces several audio software for Apple's desktop operating system has been moaning about how Jobs' Mob's hardware refreshes are now so far behind its software it has gotten silly.

Intel's 8-core Coffee Lake refresh may come this autumn
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Possible 22-core HEDT as well

According to a  report, Intel could launch its rumored 8th gen Coffee Lake refresh 8-core CPUs in September.

Intel warns of lazy FP state restoration
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Living off the state

Chipzilla has warned of another side-channel attack against its Core family processors.

Brace yourself - laptops with 128GB of RAM are coming
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Lenovo announces Thinkpad P52

Laptops with 128GB of RAM are coming. Today, Lenovo announced its ThinkPad P52 which is a bit like a B52 in the memory department.

MacBook Pro touch pad borked
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The unwanted touch bar suffers from "functional issues."

When Apple released its MacBook Pro with a touch bar instead of function keys, there was an outcry because it made the gear less useful for its key market.  Now it turns out that those who were dumb enough to fall for the style over function touch bar are finding the tech does not work that well.