AI develops human medicine
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Human trials have begun

A medicine developed by artificial intelligence may be used to treat patients with obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Microsoft’s Turing-NLG AI is so scary they will not let it out of the lab
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Clippy will start searching for Sarah Conner

Software King of the World Microsoft is sitting on a new AI language model which is so scary it is not letting it out of the lab.

Trump splashes out on  $4.8 trillion artificial intelligence plan
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Will get China to pay for it

The Trump administration unveiled its $4.8 trillion budget proposal which, among other things, includes plans to increase federal funding for the development of AI and quantum computing.

Intel dumps Nervana but nevermind
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It smells too much like Teen Spirit anyway

Intel has dumped its Nervana neural network processors for Habana’s AI chips.

Don't ask Siri or Cortana for medical advice
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Might as well ask the cat, implies new study

Apple's Siri and Microsoft's Cortana offered first aid advice which was so bad they might as well have suggested a course of leeches, a study has suggested.