LG mocking of Huawei backfires
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Suddenly people started moaning about LG updates

LG’s amusement at Huawei’s woes appears to have created a PR nightmare and highlighted its own customer issues.

US needs to get its house in order
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China says global supply chains are falling to bits

China said the United States needs to correct its “wrong actions” for trade talks to continue after it blacklisted Huawei, a blow that has rippled through global supply chains and battered technology shares.

Chinese anti-Apple sentiment rising
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And the government has not weighed in yet

US Donald (Prince of Orange) Trump’s trade war is having a knock-on effect on the fruity cargo cult Apple.

Apple makes a slow-down pledge
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If our update makes your phone worse, we will tell you

A UK consumer watchdog has growled until Apple has agreed to notify consumers if future iOS software updates slow down or change the performance of an iPhone.

Ymobile delays Huawei P30 Lite launch
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Fears of US restrictions

Japanese telco SoftBank's low-cost mobile brand Ymobile said on Wednesday it would delay the launch of Huawei P30 Lite smartphone, following the imposition of trade restrictions on the Chinese manufacturer by Washington.