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Microsoft HoloLens 2 to run on Qualcomm's XR1 SoC
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Could launch in Q1 2019

While there have been plenty of rumors regarding Microsoft's next-generation augmented/virtual reality headset, the latest one suggests that it will be based on Qualcomm's recently announced XR1 SoC.

Broadcom has laid off 1,100 workers
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More likely to follow

Broadcom has laid off about 1,100 workers as part of cost cutting following its $5.5 billion acquisition of Brocade, and more cuts are expected to come.

Kaspersky stops working with Europol
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European Parliament says its software is malicious

Kaspersky Lab announced it was temporarily halting its cooperation with Europol following the voting of a controversial motion in the European Parliament.

Apple undermines police investigation tools
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Protecting its criminal and terrorist users

Fruity Cargo Cult Apple is doing its best to protect users who commit crimes, or at the very least have the power to decide who is investigated.

People to spend more time on the net than watching TV
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First time

According to estimates from media agency Zenith, next year, for the first time, people will spend more time using the internet than watching TV.