Intel launches 5.3GHz 10th Gen Intel Core H
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100+ design wins with 30+ slimmer than 20mm

It is not surprising that just two days after AMD had its moment and launched its Renoir high-end notebook processors, Intel has launched six new Core H series where the top contender goes all the way to 5.3 GHz.

Boeing 787 must be turned off and on again
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This will stop catastrophes

The US Federal Aviation Administration has ordered Boeing 787 operators to switch their aircraft off and on every 51 days to prevent what it called several potential catastrophes.

Call of Duty wins court battle
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Manufacturers cannot claim copyright on Hummers images

You would think that the makers of Hummers would be rather pleased to see their oversized off-roaders being used in a realistic combat game, but apparently not.  AM General, the government contractor for Humvees sued Call of Duty maker Activision for using Hummers.

SK Hynix releases more info on DDR5
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Die Die my darling

SK Hynix has released more info on its upcoming DDR5 memory, which it has developed in correspondence with JEDEC's progression of the standard and it quadruples the maximum capacity of DDR4 dies.

Zoom poses security threats
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Probably not the best for your video communications

While many are switching to Zoom to solve their coronavirus lockdown communications problems, the video conferencing software has been dubbed a security nightmare by those in the know.

10th-Gen Intel Core processor Comet Lake H is out
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Breaks the 5Ghz barrier, goes to 5.3GHz

Intel’s claims its 10th-gen mobile CPUs have broken the 5GHz barrier to bring better overall performance, faster 4K video rendering and higher frames per second in gaming, to mobile and portable devices. However, it has given us comparisons against chips which are more than three years old.

Morrisons not responsible for 2014 data breach
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Supreme Court ruling

The UK's Supreme Court ruled that British supermarket group Morrisons cannot be held liable for a 2014 data breach in which a former employee posted personal details of over 100,000 staff members on internet.

Broadcasters bollocked for spreading 5G conspiracy rubbish
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You are supposed to be journalists, so journ for goodness sake

British broadcasters are being warned that they face sanctions from the media regulator if they give airtime to bizarre claims that the coronavirus was spread by 5G.

Gigabyte also updates its Aorus and Aero gaming laptops
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10th gen Intel Core i7/i9 CPUs and Nvidia RTX 20 Super Mobile GPUs

Gigabyte is yet another laptop maker that has updated its gaming laptops with new hardware, including its Aorus and Aero series. While most of these laptops will be getting new Intel 10th gen Core CPUs, only some are destined for Nvidia RTX 20 Super series GPUs.

Razer updates Blade 15 laptop with fresh hardware
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Intel 10th gen Core i7 CPUs and Nvidia RTX Super Mobile graphics cards

Following the launch of both Intel's latest 10th gen CPUs and Nvidia's RTX Super Mobile graphics cards, Razer has updated its Blade 15 laptop, giving a boost to both the Advanced and Base model versions.