VMWare spends $4.8 billion on two companies
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Carbon Black and Pivotal

Software company VMware said it's acquiring Carbon Black at an enterprise value of $2.1 billion and Pivotal at an enterprise value of $2.7 billion.

Apple has another design stuff up
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A credit card you can’t put in your wallet – whatever next? a clock which can't tell the time?

Apple’s design experts have outdone themselves by creating a credit card which cannot be put in a wallet or your jeans pocket.

HP replaces Weisler with Enrique Lores
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Company reports mixed results

Longtime HP veteran Enrique Lores, who runs the $20 billion printer business, is succeeding Dion Weisler as CEO, effective November 1.

Punters upgrade every three years now
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Funny what the effect of jacking the price up is

People are hanging on to their phones for three years rather than two according to a new survey data released by Ting Mobile

Newspaper claims iPhones are radioactive
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Illegal radiation levels could kill you

The Chicago Tribune recently launched an investigation into the radiofrequency radiation levels and was horrified to discover that some of Apple's iPhones emit radiofrequency radiation that exceeds safety limits.

Salesforce does better than expected
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Cloud services doing well

Salesforce forecast third-quarter and full-year revenue above what the cocaine nose jobs of Wall Street expected.

Nvidia brings performance improvements with Gamescom graphics driver
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Some new features as well

Nvidia certainly came to Gamescom prepared, and while we have seen all those new trailers and heard about new titles that will support Nvidia RTX in one way or another, the company also had a nice ace up its sleeve, a special Gamescom Game Ready driver, Geforce 436.02, which brings some big performance optimizations as well as new features.

Apple taps BOE for iPhone screens
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Deeper into China

Hopes that the fruity cargo cult Apple might abandon China and set up shop in the US appear to have been dashed as the outfit appears to be negotiating a deal with Chinese BOE for screens for its smartphones.

Intel confuses with Comet Lake
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Why, oh why, oh why

Intel has launched a new series of 14nm notebook CPUs code-named Comet Lake, but no one is certain why.

Flat earthers and Moon hoaxers are censoring Facebook
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Stupid people the power to eclipse the truth

A photographer trying to raise money for a self-published book of historical space artefacts had his Facebook ads repeatedly removed by Facebook because flat-Earthers and Moon hoax conspiracy butts were offended.