Nest man leaves the nest
Published in IoT

Flies to roost under Google's wing

The CEO of Nest is stepping down from that position as the fledgling company becomes integrated with Google.

Samsung readies its foldable phone
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And so it comes to pass

We've already reported on Samsung's plans to create a  mobile phone with a foldable screen, but now it looks like it will be released in 2019.

Xilinx acquired DeePhi Tech for AI and ML
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Accelerate data center and intelligent edge

Xilinx is getting big on intelligence and adaptive computing and the company just announced that it acquired DeePhi Technology Co., Ltd (DeePhi Tech) company specializes in machine learning, deep compression pruning, and system-level optimization for neural networks. Let’s just sum this up and say that it is good at AI and ML.

Users starting to get concerned about sharing location information
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Kaspersky Lab report shows that the age of sharing information might be coming to an end

More than 61 percent of users are becoming uncomfortable sharing location information on apps, websites, according to a new report from security outfit Kaspersky Lab

Texas Instruments CEO disappears
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CEO disease is catching

The CEO of Texas Instruments (TI) has resigned because he has violated the company's code of conduct rules.

Xiaomi Mi MAX 3 is 6.9 inch
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Snapdragon 636, 6GB RAM 5500 mAH

Remember the Nexus 7tablet, that tablet has change it all and it was the right size/performance and excellent price? Years later, Xiaomi is preparing to launch wait for it, a 6.9 inch phone called the Mi MAX 3.

MediaTek shows off Helio A22 SoC
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Already sold to Xiaomi 

MediaTek has unveiled its new Helio A SoC family for low-end to mid-range smartphones with Xiaomi as the first buyer.

LG and Samsung abandon high end smartphone focus
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Copying Apple's plan did not work

Samsung and LG have apparently adopted a policy to launch as many as possible new smartphones in 2018 and are giving up on the plan to focus mostly on high end models.

Streaming overtakes satellite and cable TV for the first time
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At least in the UK

The number of British people subscribing to TV services like Netflix, Amazon and Sky’s NOW TV, has overtaken traditional satellite and cable TV for the first time, media regulator Ofcom  has announced.

Google expecting $5 billion EU fine
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Android issues

Google is expected to be fined a record $5 billion by the European Union over its Android system.