Foxconn sees cash in electric vehicles
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Will make ten percent of the world's electric parts

Foxconn has said it will provide components or services to ten percent of the world's electric vehicles (EVs) by between 2025 and 2027, and has been in talks with multiple car manufacturers for future cooperation.

Tesla has his water cut off
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Didn't pay his bills

A German utility company says it has shut down the pipes supplying Tesla with water for the construction of a factory near Berlin because the carmaker hasn’t paid its bills.

Electric vehicles slump in 2020
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And 9 million bicycles in Beijing

Sales of electric vehicles have declined by 19 percent this year but there are still 24 million unit sales, according to a report from IDTechEx.

Nikola tries to suppress embarrassing rolling truck video
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Because that always makes problems go away

Nikola has issued copyright-takedown notices targeting critics on YouTube who used clips of the promotional video in which a Nikola prototype truck was seen rolling down a hill when it was supposed to be switched on using its latest electric tech.

Russian firm intros Vimana (विमान) - flying Hindu taxis
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Flying high as a Red Kite

A company is testing automobiles that may introduce you to car parking spaces in paradise you’ve never been before.