Nike’s high-tech shoes won’t boot
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Help my left foot is bricked

Nike users are experiencing some technical difficulties in its strange world of connected footwear.

Apple’s homepod was a lemon
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All the hype in the world could not save it

A new survey has shown that Apple’s entry into the smart speaker market has failed to compete with much cheaper offerings from Amazon and Google.

Philips changes its Hue name to Signify
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Beleaguered Dutch company
Philips has changed the name of its "Hue" IoT lighting system to "Signify".

Whether this indicates the firm is going to sell the division to another company is unclear at press time.

Corporations have too much unconfigured IoT
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Evil coffee machine could bring down the company

Security expert Ken Munro, senior partner at ethical hacking firm Pen Test Partners, and which specialises in IoT devices, has warned that too much is going out improperly configured, leaving networks wide open.

Canonical brings Ubuntu 18.04 LTS to high-security embedded devices.
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 2019 is the year of Linux on the lightbulb

Canonical today published Ubuntu Core 18, bringing Ubuntu 18.04 LTS to high-security embedded devices.