Magic Leap claim Chinese spy nicked its technology
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You can sue too, we're going to Xu, Xu, Xu

The US startup that makes an AR headset to project digital objects onto the real world, has claimed one of its former engineers nicked its tech.

Why isn't HTC distributing its new VR to the US?
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Trump’s China war causing problems

HTC is refusing to distribute its latest VR headset in the land of the fee and it is not quite clear why.

Lenovo releases new AR-and-VR system
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Targeted at business

Lenovo is launching a new AR-and-VR system targeted at businesses.

Toyota and Panasonic set up company for 'connected' homes
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We are all connected

Toyota and Panasonic have teamed up on “connected” services to be used in homes and urban development.

Fitbit returns to health
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…petty about the Bluetooth

Wearable device maker Fitbit reported better than expected first quarter results and reaffirmed its full-year revenue forecast, as it sells more smartwatches and wearable devices.