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LG mocking of Huawei backfires
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Suddenly people started moaning about LG updates

LG’s amusement at Huawei’s woes appears to have created a PR nightmare and highlighted its own customer issues.

Assange now faces 18 counts of spying
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From 2010

Federal prosecutors have brought an 18-count indictment against Julian Assange, accusing him of violating the Espionage Act.

Wikipedia wants a slice of Turkey from the European Court of Human rights
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Ironically complaining about censorship

No longer happy with making Fudzilla disappear from their pages, the Fake penis experts at Wackypedia are trying to make Turkey go the same way.

US needs to get its house in order
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China says global supply chains are falling to bits

China said the United States needs to correct its “wrong actions” for trade talks to continue after it blacklisted Huawei, a blow that has rippled through global supply chains and battered technology shares.

BT forced to give rivals more network access
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Will speed up fibre cabling

Britain’s biggest telecoms group BT will be forced to give rivals greater access to its core network, Openreach, to encourage a faster roll-out of high-speed fibre cables, under plans set out by regulator Ofcom on Friday.