IBM commercialises AI communication
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Will help our machine overlords understand us better

IBM is commercialising a new technology that makes it easier for computers to understand human communication.

Boffins take steps to build self-emergent biohybrid machine
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Doesn’t anyone read science fiction?

A team of boffins claims to have seen the formation of a self-emergent machine as stem cell-derived neurons grew toward muscle cells in a biohybrid machine, with neural networks firing in synchronous bursting patterns.

Xilinx introduces Versal Premium adaptable accelerator for Core network
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Designed for high bandwidth core and 5G tasks

Imagine an FPGA that can replace 22 currently shipping FPGA Adapters and provide a high bandwidth needed for the Internet and 5G demand of the future? That seems the best way to visualize Versal Premium, as this is a product design to address the explosion of data and bandwidth growth.

Vatican AI conference was attended by coronavirus
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Robot Divine intelligence might have smited Church, Microsoft and IBM

An AI conference in the Vatican included high ranking clergy, executives from Microsoft and IBM and a bloke who had the coronavirus.

US Immigration and Customs Enforcement uses a rigged algorithm
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Computer tells officers to lock everyone up

A lawsuit filed by the New York Civil Liberties Union and Bronx Defenders alleges that US Immigration and Customs Enforcement uses a rigged algorithm to detain virtually everyone ICEs New York Field Office brings in, even when the government itself believes they present a minimal threat to public safety.