Sony works out a way to spoil VR
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Everything is about adverts

Sony Interactive Entertainment has worked out how to destroy VR by inserting adverts.

Google is holding its speakers for ransom
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Google's YouTube music plan is asinine

YouTube Music will soon be Google's one-and-only music service and YouTube Music recently added the Google Music feature to its app  but it turns out changes are going to bring a pile of pain to users.

Severe security problem detected in all IoT devices
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CallStranger needs patching 

A severe vulnerability in a core protocol found in almost all internet of things (IoT) devices allows and attackers to hijack smart devices for DDoS attacks and bypass security to reach and conduct scans on a victim's internal network .

Wearables market kung flued
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Device sales dropped

Beancounters at ABI Research have noted that sales of wearables have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic because consumer interest in buying non-essential devices has dropped in the first quarter of 2020, along with the issues associated with a hampered supply chain.

5G will speed up moves to Industry 4.0
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Everyone needs the Internet of Things

A new report from beancounters at Frost & Sullivan suggests that Industry 4.0 set ups will increase with a vengeance once 5G based IIoT systems are rolled out -- unless conspiracy nuts set them on fire.