Call of Duty hits 60.5 million sales
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Best PS4 and Xbox titles of the year 

According to data gathered by LeagueOfBetting, the popular first-person shooter game series Call of Duty hit 60.5 million sold units on all-time best-selling PS4 and Xbox titles list at the beginning of this year.

2K Games pulls out of Nvidia Geforce Now
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Big hit for the service

Although there are plenty of developers and publishers eager to get on the Geforce Now train, some big names are pulling out, and the latest is 2K Games, which means that some big titles are no longer available.

Epic Games boss defends Nvidia's GeForce Now
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Not joining the rush to leave

As the number of publishers pulling out of Nvidia's GeForce Now cloud game streaming service continues to grow, the company has found an ally in Tim Sweeney, CEO of Epic Games, who vowed on Twitter to "wholeheartedly" support the company's efforts.

Gamer faces 116-year prison sentence for fraud
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May not have to serve any of it

Shayene “shAy” Victorio (pictured) who made her name on the Brazilian Counter-Strike circuit has been served a 116-year prison sentence in the wake of fraud charges.

Death Stranding coming to PC on June 2nd
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Will use Denuvo protection

Kojima Productions has now confirmed that the PC version of Death Stranding will be launching on June 2nd, and the game will be available on both Steam and Epic Games Store. It has also been confirmed it will use Denuvo protection, but won't have the dreaded "1 machine activation limit".