ZTE Iceberg has two notches
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Destined as the codename implies

ZTE is one of these companies which try hard but don’t really achieve much in the smartphone area. It decided to codename a phone Iceberg and put two notches on the front of the phone.

Apple says sorry for “misunderstanding” over phone throttling
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All a terrible misunderstanding

Apple has just published a letter to customers saying sorry for throttling older phones which might have dodgy batteries without telling them.

Chinese phone makers bring smartphone war to America
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After kicking Jobs’ Mob’s in its home market

After the iPhone X received a good kicking in China, when Apple made the mistake of trying to jack the price up to “silly money” levels, Chinese phone manufacturers are considering taking the fight to Apple.

Don’t keep your mobile phone close
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It could give you cancer

There is some bad news for Apple fanboys who take their mobile phone to bed with them so that they will dream that Siri is a real girlfriend. It could be that this behaviour is just nature's way of taking you out of the gene pool.

Trump wants to purge White House of mobiles
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Not his of course 

Donald (Prince of Orange) Trump is rather attached to his mobile phone which he uses to make pronouncements through his Twitter account at all hours.

Analysts expect IPhoneX to be disappointing
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Cash cow stuck

Days before Apple over hyped iPhone X opens for pre-orders, a survey by brokerage Bernstein showed that demand for the device will "not be exceptional", with only a quarter of Apple fanboys planning to buy the phone.

Qualcomm announced first 5G data call
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Shows a 5G prototype phone

It looks like things are shaping up nicely for the beginning of the 5G era. Qualcomm has confirmed that it shrank the 5G device to the phone form factor and has it up and running.

Bye-Bye Windows Phone 8
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Vole sends it to the underworld

Microsoft has killed off its Windows Phone 8 operating system today.

DIY LTE networks could be a thing
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MulteFire wants you to be carrier free

An industry consortium called MulteFire wants to help you build your own LTE-like network that uses the Wi-Fi spectrum, without any carriers or providers.

Intel worried about McAfee’s phone
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It insists it owns his name

Intel is fuming that MGT Capital Investments went ahead with the announcement of the “John McAfee Privacy Phone” when it previously said that it did not plan to launch products and services under the McAfee mark.