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Why no girls in games?

by on12 June 2013

Have a look at this

If you want to know why there are few girl gamers, you might want to look at this incident which took place on Twitter this week. In it a self-declared feminist Anita Sarkeesian dared to comment that Microsoft had failed to provide an new games for women in its new launch for the Xbox One.

A perfectly harmless observation, all the Xbox titles were exactly the sort of games that do not appeal to half of the population. But Sarkeesian seemed to have opened a can of worms and provoked a storm of posts from blokes who seem to think that there comments are ok. Even allowing for a percentage of the comments being from trolls, the sheer number of comments seem to indicate that gamers really do not know how to relate to women at all.

Certainly the guy whose “d*ck gets soft” whenever he hears of a woman having an opinion must have difficult getting a date with a real live woman. Most of the gamers seemed to believe that women would be happy playing Lara Croft and that is all they really needed. This is the modern equivalent of “women do not need to read books, it makes them hysterical” idea of the Victorian period.

What the posting seems to indicate is that gamers think that women need to shut up and do whatever they are told, or face a string of abuse from so-called superior males. Still, according to Darwin, such types should be evolved out of the gene pool because there is no way that they are ever going to breed.

It also explains why that girl in your gaming network is probably a dude who wants the attention.

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