AMD Ryzen 5 2600X shows up briefly on
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Said it should ship on April 19th

German Amazon has leaked one of the AMD's upcoming Pinnacle Ridge CPUs, the Ryzen 5 2600X, with the shipping date set for April 19th.

Look out Apple, Amazon is going to steal your crown
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It could not happen to a nicer multinational

Apple is about to lose its crown as the world's most valuable publicly listed company and will be beaten by to the $1 trillion mark.

Amazon takes aim at supermarket market
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Ants in your pantries

An article in a French newspaper quotes the boss of Amazon France saying his company does have plans to compete with supermarket chains to deliver groceries in Europe.

Amazon acquires Ring
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One billion dollars

Amazon literally wants to enter into your house and now it controls the front door too.

Apple's great cloud failure
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And still the problem increases

One of the good things about being a huge company which makes piles of dosh over a couple of products is that no one notices what you are doing wrong in a smaller part of your empire, and this is precisely what has been happening with Apple and its cloud.

Qualcomm signs up Amazon and to Windows 10 on Snapdragon
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Ten new carriers signed too

Qualcomm has managed to get industry heavyweights Amazon and to start selling its Windows 10 on Snapdragon 835 devices. Microsoft will carry the devices in its retail stores too. At the same time, it locked down 10 world carriers to announce the data plans for such devices.

Alexa will get Amazon's own custom chips
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Watch out Nvidia and Intel

Amazon is designing a custom artificial intelligence chip that would power future Echo devices and improve the quality and response time of its Alexa voice assistant.

Amazon bought Blink in secret chip deal
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Startup’s energy-efficient chips were more interesting

Amazon bought a home security camera outfit,  Blink last year. Analysts wondered why, but it turns out the outfit had some rather interesting energy-efficient chips.

Amazon now more valuable than Microsoft
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But Vole is still the software king of the world

Amazon is now worth more than Microsoft as the online shopping behemoth weathered the recent Wall Street turmoil.

Geeks hiring hookers from work
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Seattle brothels going bonkers for Microsoft and Amazon employees

A scandal has erupted in Seattle after it was discovered that the region's top geeks were booking hookers while at work.