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Nvidia still believes in Windows RT

by on19 July 2013

Which is good because nobody else does

Microsoft’s Windows RT operating system may be circling the drain, but it still enjoys support from some industry players, including Qualcomm and Nvidia. But then again it would, wouldn’t it – as both companies peddle ARM tablet chips.

Speaking in an interview with Computerworld, Rene Haas, vice president of computing products at Nvidia, said Nvidia’s commitment to Surface RT and Windows RT remains at a high level.

"Surface RT is the very beginning of a long process and it's the first shot in a changing landscape," Haas said. "Microsoft is moving the entire Windows platform to something really mobile."

However, the market doesn’t appear to be liking Windows RT, or Surface RT for that matter. In fact, Microsoft’s latest earnings report reveals that the company was forced to into a $900 million write-down caused by poor Surface RT sales.

Although Haas is still optimistic and seems to genuinely believe in the Surface RT, most analysts don’t share his opinion. Analyst Jack Gold said Nvidia is simply blowing smoke and does not want to spook the market and say what everyone already knows – RT sucketh big time.

"RT is dying over night," he said. "RT is going to die a slow death."

Gold said he doesn’t believe any tablet vendor will come up with future Windows RT devices, and on the same day he gave the interview Lenovo decided to drop the Yoga 11 from its web shop.

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