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Intel Haswell Celerons coming in Q4 2013

by on11 July 2013

Replaces G1620

Intel's fastest desktop Celeron is G1620 and this Ivy Bridge based part rocks at 2.7GHz. it has 55W TDP, two cores and two threads as well as 2MB cache. We can remember days when Celeron had 512KB cache but these days are long gone.

The good thing about G1620 is that it offers a decent performance for $52 but this dominance in Celeron market is set to be replaced in Q4 2013 when the Haswell based version of Celeron comes to market. New Haswell Celerons need new motherboards powered by 8-series chipset and Socket 1155 and it will obviously end up at least slightly faster than G3220, the entry level Haswell Pentium part clocked at 3GHz that is set to launch in late Q3 2013 (September time).

We are not sure if this can help the desktop market that has been declining for years, but we still believe that there is a place for X86 based desktop and notebook computers in the world.

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