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PS4 games to be priced at $60 as well

by on19 June 2013

Third party publishers likely to stick with the price

Sony has confirmed that like Microsoft, its first party titles for the PlayStation 4 will stay with the established $59.99 USD pricing. This is the same retail price that the company charged for PlayStation 3 titles, which was also the same price that Microsoft charged for Xbox 360 titles.

The news really comes as little surprise, considering that Microsoft had already confirmed that they were not raising the price of its Microsoft first party titles. Sony really had little choice but to stick with the same pricing scheme.

Similar to Microsoft, Sony is claiming that they don’t know what third party publishers will do; but it is thought that at least to start with, the third party publishers will fall into line and continue to offer its new titles at the same price tag as well for both systems. Of course, with the ever increasing costs of development, that could change at some point in the future, but not today.

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