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Sony shows off the Playstation 4

by on11 June 2013

Coming this holiday season for US $399

Although it did give out plenty of information regarding the software and hardware behind the new Playstation 4, the actual console was well hidden until late yesterday, when Sony decided to unveil it and officially announce that it will, as expected, be ready for this holiday season with a US $399 price tag.

Although the actual design is not what most expected, the new Playstation 4 uses more boxy desing at least when compared to the Playstation 3. It comes painted in a matte black finish and features an embossed part that features slot-in Blu-ray drive and two USB ports on the front part of the console. The backside features a large ventilation slot area and includes Ethernet, HDMI output, optical audio port, aux port for accessories and a power port.

The biggest blow for Microsoft is probably the price set at US $399 as Sony's Playstation 4 ends up US $100 cheaper than the Xbox One. In order to make things worse, at least for Microsoft, Sony was quite keen to note that Playstation 4 will not feature any form of DRM, will not need to have always on-line connection, have no whatsoever restrictions on used and pre-owned games and have much cheaper monthly premium on gaming network.

As noted earlier, Sony's Playstation 4 is currently up for pre-order for US $399 and this price includes a console and a single Dualshock 4 controller. An ddditional controller will set you back $59, as will the Playstation Camera accessory. Sony made its move and certainly did put a lot pressure on Microsoft that clearly needs to rethink its strategy in this upcoming battle and this console war.

Sony PS4 1
Sony PS4 2

Sony PS4 3

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