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Qualcomm reigns supreme in LTE market

by on07 May 2013

Smaller vendors get peanuts

According to latest ABI Research figures, Qualcomm is still top dog in the LTE market. The American chipmaker dominates the LTE market with more than two thirds of shipments in 2012.

Smaller vendors are making inroads in the LTE market, but they aren’t about to erode Qualcomm’s dominance anytime soon. Philip Solis, ABI Research, says the LTE market will grow to over 850 million units for handsets alone by 2018 and he sees challengers on the horizon.

"We expect Broadcom and Intel to be significant challengers to Qualcomm over the next few years," he said.

Although we often view LTE as a homogenous standard, it is anything but. At the moment twelve vendors offer 23 products supporting Category 3 LTE, while five vendors offer 10 Category 4 products. Nobody has Category 5 products yet, while nine vendors have LTE products designed to support TD-SCDMA, which is used in China.

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