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Audi comes up with juice saving Android app

by on06 May 2013

Vorsprung durch Technik

German premium carmaker Audi has come up with an interesting Android app that should roughly mimic what it does with its TSI/TDI Start Stop drivetrains.

The app is called Start-Stop, no surprise there, and it monitors apps running in the background. Once it deems they have been running for too long, it kills them, saving battery life in the process, which means it’s more on the “stop” side of things. Although Android is sort of supposed to do that on its own, Audi believes its app is just better at it.

The app was developed by DDB Spain and it is free, which means it is probably the only Audi branded thing ever that does not cost an arm and a leg, although we did not check for optional extras.

You can check it out here.


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