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HD-DVD drive for $79 only

by on26 April 2007

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Dirty price war begins

Blu-ray may have Playstation3 and movie studios behind its back, but it's nothing compared to the HD DVDs "big gun". Yes, price wars start and seems like Walmart with its $350 HD DVD player isn't the cheapest. Gizmondo claims that there is one selling for $79 only.

That is a great price for HD DVD player for XboX 360. You can read about it here. Yes it's confirmed, and it's $100 cheaper than in the rest of the shops on the planet. 



Cheap Chinese HD DVD players are starting to hit blu-ray where it hurts the most – price. And 350 US dollars (Walmart) looks like petty cash when compared to 900 how much a stand alone blu-ray player costs. And now when cheap XBOX360 HD DVD players have surfaced, there is no doubt that a lot of people will get a HD DVD player.

The war between formats is now entering its most interesting phase. The standard that will have the cheapest players backing it up will win, and the movie studio will follow the winner.  



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