Nokia gives up on VR camera
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Makes more workers redundant

The former rubber boot maker Nokia has abandoned its OZO VR camera project and made more workers redundant.

HP ships VR backpack
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Omen priced at $2,499.99

HP began shipping its virtual reality backpack the OMEN X Desktop VR Backpack today.

Microsoft’s mixed reality expected this Christmas
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Samsung already announces display

Software king of the world Microsoft has been talking up its latest mixed reality options,

IDC has not given up on AR and VR
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13.7 million units in 2017, growing to 81.2 million units by 2021

Beancounters at IDC have been shuffling their tarot decks and reached the conclusion that AR and VR are going to continue to grow like crazy – despite the fact that other analysts are not so sure.

Apple admits its new Watch 3 is borked
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Wants you to pay for it any way

Fruity Cargo Cult Apple has admitted that its new Apple 3 watch is borked but it is going to sell it to Apple fanboys at the end of the week anyway.